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debut release of the bedroom recording project of singer/songwriter bryan dalle molle.


released February 17, 2017

everything you hear or see was done by bryan dalle molle.

however, not without the support of friends and family. thanks ya'll.

written and recorded sporadically in various chicago IL basements and bedrooms, on streets with names like harrison, emmett, or california, from 2013 to 2016.

additional recording, mixing, and mastering done from 2016 to 2017 in sunny san diego california.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


frosty palms Austin, Texas

noisy songwriting bedroom recording project of bryan dalle molle.

currently austin TX, previously chicago IL.

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Track Name: Stay
i don't remember what i said
pockets lined with lint and bitterness
tapping my intention through the wire
oh i think you should stay for a little while

jot it in a letter in the language we spoke
i would to trip over that note
skipping stones across the pond and outta sight
oh i think you should stay for a little while

despite the walls between our neighborhood
what happened and what was understood
scribble lemon ink across my skin
and late at night i'll read it now and then

jot it in a letter in the language we spoke
i would love to trip over that note
i won't worry about what it meant
but i'll think about you every now and then

jot it in a letter, though it has nowhere to go
i would love to hang onto that note
kiss in the morning and leave it behind
happy you could stay for a little while
Track Name: Jagged Peaks
in the shadows of jagged peaks
we eat and sleep and piss and drink
last time we spoke i think
i felt the chill for several weeks
should have known knowing how this started
that i'd be here soon enough

the cold, cold whisper shimmers in the snow
down the steps to your apartment
oh the dingy little basement you call home

underneath these jagged peaks
we rewire the circuitry
behind your teeth or on your tongue
it's in my blood, in my lungs
should have seen how this was all unfolding
now i'm freezing at the door

the cold, cold whisper shimmers in the snow
down the steps to your apartment
oh the dirty little bedroom you call home

in the shadows of jagged peaks
i burned holes in my memory
why can't i let it be?

the cold, cold whisper shimmers in the snow
as i stand out the alley
and i wait for you to let me in once more.
Track Name: Flicking Ashes
as ashes whirl around the room, no one speaks
the cornstalks sway in stormy breeze
river city laughs through speckled glass, the prairie state
anxious to go, afraid to stay

as bodies fade around the room, we're misplaced
a drunken dance the late night haze
the bait is cast into the lake, a patient show
we've cut the thread, capsized the boat

as ashes float down to the steps, the mirror shrinks
the taxis prowl along the street
murky river trash and party graft in full sustain
with no way home we have to stay

the bodies packed in this three-flat won't rearrange
a fucking mess, this whole display
the cask we pass, papers and grass, it's the refrain
it never changed, it never changed.
Track Name: You Are
you are there
close enough
just out of touch
i didn't go very far

i am here
i know, for once
though it's not enough
you know i know who you are

talk it out
i could use that now
talk it out

we can speak
just enough
to keep us out of touch
we didn't go very far

cuz we are several shapes
to parse and conjugate
go, turn around
just walk right on out

cuz you are what i'm not
(i know who you are)
Track Name: Crevice Eyes
here i go
pace the path, she and i alone
phasing slow
a kaliedoscopic summer
we can wave and watch it go

she's the strangest shade of loveliness
little depth of blue
tangled in this web
tapping to the tune
no, it's not enough,
i needed all of your love
i miss those lazy evenings
as the grass swallowed the sun

we would kiss inside of idle cars
patient as you stroll across the driveway
singing with the sprawl into the night
i smiled so wide it blinds my crevice eyes

here i go
step into the deep mystique unknown
passing slow
step on at the station
or wave and watch it go

it's a dirty kind of paradise
little did i know
empty miles, nothingness
it feels so much like home
no, it's not enough
i needed all of the above
steal across the tracks and smoke
until our hands were numb

you were half awake and on the floor
and i was batting reckless in the doorway
celebration echoes through the night
i smiled so wide it blinds my crevice eyes

i was half asleep and on the floor
and you were saying something in the doorway
celebration fades with morning light
i smiled so wide i swear that i went blind
Track Name: Whethering
if you knew what was in store
it'd still be something i can't afford
the mercury drops and we let it take it's course
there it goes, i'm all exposed
and you didn't even gasp

you just said...

fuck this relentless winter
i can't take it anymore
eleven stops past california
as if it'd help you feel the warmth
with one foot in your new future
and the other in your mouth
you wear the costume
'til someone calls you out

if you knew what it would take
only to shrug it off the same
the ice expands, the pavement cracks and breaks
if i stay composed and make the joke
would you even force a laugh?

so fuck you delinquent summer
driving everyone away
just cuz they use romantic language
doesn't mean that it's innate
so when you stare at that blue ocean
and find you've nothing to say
the glass turns from
translucent to opaque

you said...

fuck this endless winter
while acknowledging the wall
as if a year depreciating meant you'd really seen it all
with one ear pressed to the padlock
and the other towards the clouds
the path of least resistance sounds
Track Name: Chief
here i am, i can't demand it
but i ask you understand it
i know you just what you wanna do
all your hapless praises
hope they keep you on your feet
don't even bother asking what i think

oh, when the walls are bias thin
such a passing charm
tell me, do you see this too?
do you see this too?

there stands the highest chief
you'll ever meet
let alone to fault and folly for your favor
tearing up a canvas
goddamn, it's such a relief
to cave into the unfettered obscene
oh to cave into the unfetter obscene

oh when your roots are effortless
no cause for alarm
tell me when's the last time you...
when's the last time you?

here is the tautest string
you could ever impeach
i suggest you strum it loud and strong and sweet
pleading with the candor
of a fucking spoiled art
and the applause, the applause, the applause
oh that applause, that applause, that applause
Track Name: Aimless
dawn, always the same
why am i awake
give into the day

shrug my way off of the floor
yawn at the mirror
locking the door

never much of a runner
never afraid that i might drown
so i drive in circles
aimlessly swimming, goldfish in a bowl

don't let me forget
the taste or the scent
what remains, what is left

dawn, the restlessness wakes
i paint a pale face
on my latest mistake

never much of a runner
never afraid that i might drown
so i drive in circles
aimlessly swimming, goldfish in a bowl

never much of a runner
i can wait for a long, long time
'til i come back around
Track Name: Antichrist Camp
skin's in season
the weight rests in our hands
relics of manhattan
decaying under lead
dark circles drawn with blood
in the sand
red moon rising, waning twilight
faces flickering

throw me in the fire swaying wild and weary
i'll match that boast
the smirk you shot it thrumming at the ropes

will you be my accomplice stumbling back to camp?

skin's in season
and i'm coming around
i'll wash the sheets you share
when i head back to town
dark circles line the both of my eyes
the night we met
underneath the shelter, midwest sirens
wailing overhead

throw me in the current rushing down milwaukee
let's drain the moat
so i can say goodbye before you go

though you were my accomplice blacking out at camp
if i forgot, it's for the best
Track Name: Blur
beeline for the bar
just as it's prescribed
after a long week chasing letters

stop by your place
too drunk to stay awake
i wish i had remembered

it's thirteen stories, it's late november
he had the keys so we opened the chambers
and i bummed a cigarette

yeah man, i'm alright, but this glittering plane of streetlights
it's a savage little garden
and i'm not cutting through

cuz my eyes are shut
too fucked to fight it
staring at the wheel until it's in reverse
tear apart the puzzle if it doesn't fit
oh i don't think i'm ever getting over it

wake up alone
in a musty bedroom
it's been a long week under covers

this is the place
the place where i became
acquainted with the hauntin'

so i'll call 'em up
those naked memories are the cruelest friends i have
but man, we go way back

~guitar shrieks~

you what if i cradled you, that synapse glued
i stood to lose all these late hours complacent
indulging in this muse

but my eyes are shut
too fucked to fight it
staring at the fan until it starts to blur
slip into my skin if it's convenient
for now i'll hang around feeling out of it
for now i'll hang around feeling out of it
oh i can't hang around, i'm gettin' out